Monday, 2 December 2013

Whimsical in White

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I don't have many dresses in my wardrobe, but with Brisbane's summer heat, I was in desperate need of something light, loose, and airy, and this cute white dress from Nasty Gal was perfect.

Like it was meant to be, the dress arrived in the mail on the same day as these chunky white leather sandals from Windsor Smith which I'd been eyeing-off for a while. I've been wearing my black Vagabond sandals almost daily so I thought I should find myself a white equivalent for summer, and Windsor Smith's 'Deed' sandals were a near perfect match.

My marabou earrings have of course hardly left my ears since I made them. They're just so cute and fluffy!

I felt super playful and summery in all white!

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My All White Outfit:

White 'match point' dress from Nasty Gal
'Deed' chunky sandals in white leather from Windsor Smith
DIY marabou feather earrings (made with marabou puffs from MarabouBoa)

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Photos by Jacob Clarke


  1. Omg these are so beautiful!!!

  2. I'm in awe at how imaginative your outfit is :)

  3. Lovely!you look like Kristen Dunst when she was young! *_*


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