Tuesday, 31 December 2013

NYE Naughtiness... you can be good next year

The new year starts tomorrow
and maybe you've got a long list of changes you want to make. 

You're going to be better.
You're going to be in total control of your life.
You're going to spend less and save more for grand adventures or a car or the future or whatever.

Sure that sounds pretty great, being a responsible human being and all, but do you remember how good it feels to splurge? 
Or find an amazing bargain?!
Or fifteen great bargains?!??!!?

Well forget it. None of that. None for you. You're saving. You're responsible, remember?

But I guess all that technically starts tomorrow... so a little last minute shop is okay, right?

Go on, just one last hit. I'll show you where to get the really good stuff.

30% OFF STOREWIDE at www.isobelbadin.com with code: NEWYEAR

30% OFF KAWAII HAWAII & 50% OFF MUSHROOM MAGIC at www.romancewasborn.com

END OF YEAR SALE at www.violentgreen.com.au

20% OFF STOREWIDE at www.thejoystores.com with code: SALE20

$20 OFF at www.thebirdcageboutique.com.au with code: NYELOVE

Be naughty now. You can be good next year.

Monday, 30 December 2013


I don't know whether you've heard, but it's pretty much raining fireballs in Queensland this summer.
With such searing heat (and the looming possibility that Armageddon is soon to be upon us), my boyfriend and I set off for the Gold Coast for a little afternoon beach trip. However, as we drove past all the theme parks on the way, the thought of reliving the excitement of our childhoods overwhelmed us and we decided to spend the day at Wet'n'Wild Water World instead!

Before we hit the water slides (read: before I looked more like a wet dog), Jacob snapped a few shots of me in my new Surania bikini which I was very glad to have picked for the day - no wedgies, no wardrobe malfunctions (which is no easy feat at a water park!), and I think it's pretty damn cute too.

My (not quite yet) Wet but (pretty damn) Wild Outfit:

Gingham and tiger print bikini designed by me at Surania.com
(see previous post for details)
Chunky 'Deed' sandals from Windsor Smith
Graz x Ellery Quixote catseye sunglasses available from Eye Goodies

If you too would like a fierce looking booty, check out Surania!
Who doesn't want a tiger on their butt?

Sunday, 8 December 2013

TOPSHOP TOPMAN Brisbane Launch Party!

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The 2200sqm store on the corner of Brisbane city's Albert and Elizabeth streets, which spans over three levels, is Australia's biggest yet! So it's no surprise that the fashionable guys and gals of Brisbane were a tad excited (to say the least) about the opening.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was the lucky recipient of a double pass to the launch party which took place in-store the night before the store officially opened to the public!

I took my gorgeous Topshop loving friend Rebecca along with me and we had two hours to shop our hearts out with endless champagne, cider, and canapés on the house, as well as a complimentary voucher to get us started! Is there any other way to shop?

I tried on just about every sparkly and shiny thing in the store but managed to exercise some self control (I'm meant to be saving) and walked away with only a single purchase (for now) - this gorgeous pink sequinned crop top.

After thoroughly investigating every rack of clothing, we posed for some piccies and called it night,  but I have no doubts I'll be back for more very soon (maybe once they stop needing security guards to manage the constant line of people outside the store!)

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Our Launch Party Attire:

Me (the shorty):
Keepsake clear spirits top from FSHN BNKR
Sara Phillips Iris skirt (old season) from Green With Envy
Chunky 'Deed' sandals from Windsor Smith
Perspex bracelet by Ciara Clark

Rebecca (the leggy one):
White beaded crop top by Keepsake 
Black pencil skirt from Zara
Vagabond chunky black sandals (similar available from Market HQ)

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Thanks for a great night Topshop!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Magic Mushrooms

With Brisbane's first TOPSHOP opening today, I spent this past weekend being a total fangirl. 
Twenty double passes for the launch party were up for grabs for Topshop lovers prepared to chase the promotional Topshop / Topman bus around Brisbane.
The first dedicated few to find the bus and say the codeword "P is for party" at each location scored an invite, and at the very last stop, The Brisbane Powerhouse, I was one of them!

I dressed in my best and brightest for maximum visibility to those with the power to hand out invites, which meant sporting my new Romance Was Born tee from the "Mushroom Magic" collection and these adorable new mushroom earrings!

The Magical Details:
Rainbow mandala tee by Romance Was Born
Thrifted black netball skirt (similar available from Target)
ASOS Black ankle boots (old style - similar available from ASOS)
Mushroom earrings by Marina Fini
Neoprene drawstring backpack from Triangl Swimwear
Graz x Ellery Quixote catseye sunglasses available from Eye Goodies

Check out my launch party pics and purchases here!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Whimsical in White

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I don't have many dresses in my wardrobe, but with Brisbane's summer heat, I was in desperate need of something light, loose, and airy, and this cute white dress from Nasty Gal was perfect.

Like it was meant to be, the dress arrived in the mail on the same day as these chunky white leather sandals from Windsor Smith which I'd been eyeing-off for a while. I've been wearing my black Vagabond sandals almost daily so I thought I should find myself a white equivalent for summer, and Windsor Smith's 'Deed' sandals were a near perfect match.

My marabou earrings have of course hardly left my ears since I made them. They're just so cute and fluffy!

I felt super playful and summery in all white!

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My All White Outfit:

White 'match point' dress from Nasty Gal
'Deed' chunky sandals in white leather from Windsor Smith
DIY marabou feather earrings (made with marabou puffs from MarabouBoa)

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Photos by Jacob Clarke