Monday, 30 December 2013


I don't know whether you've heard, but it's pretty much raining fireballs in Queensland this summer.
With such searing heat (and the looming possibility that Armageddon is soon to be upon us), my boyfriend and I set off for the Gold Coast for a little afternoon beach trip. However, as we drove past all the theme parks on the way, the thought of reliving the excitement of our childhoods overwhelmed us and we decided to spend the day at Wet'n'Wild Water World instead!

Before we hit the water slides (read: before I looked more like a wet dog), Jacob snapped a few shots of me in my new Surania bikini which I was very glad to have picked for the day - no wedgies, no wardrobe malfunctions (which is no easy feat at a water park!), and I think it's pretty damn cute too.

My (not quite yet) Wet but (pretty damn) Wild Outfit:

Gingham and tiger print bikini designed by me at
(see previous post for details)
Chunky 'Deed' sandals from Windsor Smith
Graz x Ellery Quixote catseye sunglasses available from Eye Goodies

If you too would like a fierce looking booty, check out Surania!
Who doesn't want a tiger on their butt?

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