Thursday, 10 October 2013

Beach Snaps

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My beach dreams finally came true! With a high of 32 °C, and it being the final day of mid-semester break, Monday was the perfect day for some fun in the sun. 
Myself and a few friends headed to Kirra beach on the Goldcoast, the last stretch of sand before the coast of Queensland becomes the coast of New South Wales. 
It was the perfect spot - spacious, stunning, and still near enough to a 7-Eleven for a midday slurpee to cool down. 

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What I'm wearing:
Starburst choker by Isobel Badin
'Penny Wanderlust' neoprene bikini by Triangl Swimwear
LNA 'Donovan' top from Maximillia
Graz x Ellery Quixote catseye sunglasses available from Eye Goodies

Beach fashion blogger, blogger bikini, Australian fashion blogger, Goldcoast fashion blogger


  1. love these pictures, your bikini is the cutest.


  2. Love the bikini! I've been thinking about getting a triangl bikini for ages, I think I might just have to finally give in and buy one!

    love, greta

  3. Hi, I'm similar body shape to you and considering buying these bikinis, would you mind telling me what sizes you bought for top and bottom? x

    1. Sure! I'm usually an australian size 8 up top and 8-10 at the hips. I bought size small in both the top and bottoms but the straps on the top are a bit loose (and they're not adjustable) so I probably should have got an x-small in the top. Hope that helps! x

  4. what size did u get for the bottoms??

    1. I'm usually an Australian size 8 (sometimes 10) at the hips so i bought the bottoms in size small (S) and they fit well. Hope that helps :)


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