Thursday, 5 December 2013

Magic Mushrooms

With Brisbane's first TOPSHOP opening today, I spent this past weekend being a total fangirl. 
Twenty double passes for the launch party were up for grabs for Topshop lovers prepared to chase the promotional Topshop / Topman bus around Brisbane.
The first dedicated few to find the bus and say the codeword "P is for party" at each location scored an invite, and at the very last stop, The Brisbane Powerhouse, I was one of them!

I dressed in my best and brightest for maximum visibility to those with the power to hand out invites, which meant sporting my new Romance Was Born tee from the "Mushroom Magic" collection and these adorable new mushroom earrings!

The Magical Details:
Rainbow mandala tee by Romance Was Born
Thrifted black netball skirt (similar available from Target)
ASOS Black ankle boots (old style - similar available from ASOS)
Mushroom earrings by Marina Fini
Neoprene drawstring backpack from Triangl Swimwear
Graz x Ellery Quixote catseye sunglasses available from Eye Goodies

Check out my launch party pics and purchases here!


  1. I love your style! I wish I had known about the code word when I saw the Topshop bus.

  2. Wow amazing style love your shirt and earrings so trippy love it :D x
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  3. adorable top!


  4. That top is absolutely aamaaaazingg!!


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