Saturday, 20 April 2013

Gifts from Afar.

While I was at home stressing over midsemester exams last week, my jet-setting parents were off living it up on a short trip to Tokyo! My parents usually don't dare attempt to buy me gifts while they're away, my taste is a complete mystery to them and it's usually better for everyone to just avoid the inevitable disappointment of giving/receiving a way off the mark present. But this time Mum was shopping with a group of other mothers who were all buying gifts to shower their daughters with so I guess she joined in to avoid the guilt, and I'm glad she did!

Tokyo is #1 on my list of places where I would like to spend all of my money. The infinite range of eclectic items practically has me drooling, and Mum did a pretty great job picking our some cute things for me. 

She nabbed me two pairs of super bright, cropped, printed pants from UNIQLO, and heaps of socks in adorable prints. The sheer ones with fruits and stars are my absolute favourites and I can't wait to take them for a test drive with my oxfords and jelly sandals!

UNIQLO printed cropped pants

Fun sheer and colourful print socks from Tokyo

UNIQLO printed cropped pants

Sheer starts fruit and lace socks from Tokyo

Thanks Mum!




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