Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Easter Haul

This Easter weekend just past, as many of you may have been having family fun times and chowing down on chocolates, I was family-less and chocolate deprived (damn you lactose intolerance) so I decided to treat myself to a little spending spree.

I headed to my local Westfield geared up to spend but was disappointed when I was met with stores full of drab, dark, winter woollies. The transition to the 'cooler' months in Brisbane is pretty damn subtle but I guess I should have known winter was coming after marathoning all those episodes of Game of Thrones.

It's no secret that bright colours and bold prints have been huge this past summer, and I'm not quite ready to revert back to the monotony of to the blacks, greys and maroons just yet.

Having deprived myself of a good shopping spree for quite a while, my plan was to make my money go as far as possible and come home with a big haul, so it was a day of bargin hunting. I ended up seeking out quite a bunch of bold statement-making pieces of a more summery variety, which is totally fine because a pair of tights is all I'll need to protect myself from a mild Brisbane autumn and winter.

I ended up with a plethora of short sleeve printed shift dresses, a jaguar print fitted denim skirt, some super comfy shorts in a cute retro style print, a sleeveless cropped button button-up in a sun and moon print, and two basic but not so basic black tops to pair with all my crazy pants and skirts - a cropped skivvy with back cut-outs and a button-up shirt with an interesting statement collar. I may have gone a little overboard, as I always do when I physically go shopping, but it was a damn good mini-haul. I only hope I can continue to find fierce little gems as winter closes in.

Checkerboard and floral printed shift dresses
Tikka shift dress in pink - Mika & Gala (Melrose Ave), Checkerboard shift dress - Shareen (Mombasa), Coral shift dress - Ninie (Melrose Ave), Cherry blossom shift dress - Naughts and Crosses (Dissh)
maow. x

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