Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Mesh: check
New shoes: check
Sequins: check

Crazy cat lady pride: check!

What more could a fashion and feline loving gal want?

It was love at first sight when I came across this mesh and sequin meow crop. It's everything I love rolled into one! Although I purchased it almost immediately, sadly it's been living on a hanger for months. Too sheer on its own. Too cute to cover up. Dilemma!

I didn't think another layer of mesh would really help the situation, but I'm glad I I tried it out and proved myself wrong. Now that I've worn these two together I think they're paired for life!

Despite the fact that my top is CAT THEMED (did I mention I love cats?), I think I'm somehow just as excited about my new shoes. They are SUPER comfy and definitely a new go to shoe for uni. Just wearing them makes me want to run around and be active!

Outfit Details:

Meow sequin crop from This Is A Love Song
Pink mesh tee from Front Row Shop
Cheap Monday high waisted jeans available from The Iconic
Nike roshe run trainers from ASOS

Photos by Jacob Clarke


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