Friday, 22 November 2013

Beachy Keen

Uni is finally over for the year and the Queensland sun is unrelenting, so I am super keen to make another trip to the beach. Adding to my yearning for the beach is my new bikini! I ordered this super cute set courtesy of and I am in love with them because...

(1) I designed them myself!

Well, sort of. The site has something like 50 different styles of bikini tops, bottoms, and one-pieces to choose from and you get to decide which fab fabrics you want for each section on each piece! I took the opportunity to go a little crazy and went with a daring tiger print and gingham combo which I think is 100% Pip.

(2) They are a super comfy perfect fit!

Every order is custom made so you can enter your exact measurements and they will tailor them to fit just right, which is perfect if you're anything like me and have a booty that is a size or two bigger than your waist. Better yet, they guarantee the perfect fit, so if it's not quite right they will arrange to pick it up and make adjustments! Mine weren't quite firm enough at the waist but they sent me back a better fit with no problems which was amazing!

Sadly, so far this pair has only seen the sun via my bedroom window but I'm hoping to make it to the beach early next week so beach pics will follow!

Update: the weather didn't turn out to be very beachy that week but I did end wearing them on my trip to Wet'n'Wild!
Check out the pics here!

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