Monday, 1 July 2013

OOTD: Strap In, Stand out

OOTD Nasty Gal Atom Smasher Jumper orange pinafore Miista May silver boots

I have been infatuated with overalls and pinafore dresses ever since I spotted the cutest little burgundy corduroy pinafore in the Oxford Street Topshop store back in November. Despite my instant infatuation, I didn't commit to the purchase as I needed to save my pennies if I was going to make it through the rest of my Euro trip, however my lust did not go away. 

Overalls and pinafores have become a huge trend since, so i've found myself looking for something in the fabulous playful style that would still manage to stand out in the sea of dungarees. 

Nasty Gal provided the perfect solution in the form of this statement orange pinafore with chunky plastic buckles. I was hesitant to purchases it at first, as it is kind of outrageous, but I took the plunge and I love it! 

I'm wearing: orange pinafore from Nasty Gal, black 'Ghastly' collared shirt from Dangerfield, and Miista May ankle boots in silver from Solestruck.

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  1. Your hair is awesome! Love the shoes as well.

    thanks for the comment on my blog. I thought the skirt was from A Wang but I can't seem to find it however Barney's has it in leather on sale:,default,pd.html?utm_source=Hy3bqNL2jtQ&utm_medium=affiliate&siteID=Hy3bqNL2jtQ-5YQ5SLD_L8njPEcJc4Cv4w


  2. Love the standout colours and how much of a statement this makes.

  3. Okay this needs to be said right now but I think I have fallen in love with your hair and those shoes! O_O

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