Monday, 24 June 2013

OOTD: Picnic in Pink

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With exams finished and uni finally over for the semester (YAY!), what better activity to start the holidays with than an afternoon of smiles and snacks with all my friends I had been missing during the semester. 

We got together for a cute little Sunday afternoon picnic in Southbank, but sadly the purpose of the event was to say farewell to a friend who will be heading off to Mexico until early next year - adiós Clare! 

To counter my sadness over Clare's impending departure, I picked out the brightest piece of clothing I could find in my wardrobe - these HOT PINK vintage silk pants
I came across these little treasures a few years ago in an antique shop in Paddington and couldn't believe my luck. They're super comfy, in perfect condition, and all the little details (especially the gemstone buttons!) are divine. They've been hiding away in the sea of clothes that is my wardrobe for far too long and I'm so glad I decided to take them out for a spin; it was near impossible not to feel happy while wearing them.

I paired them with my striped mesh crop by Glamorous from ASOS, my brand new chelsea ankle boots from ASOS, and my Graz x Ellery Quixote catseye sunglasses from Optiko.

Credit to Harry for the photo - Thank you!


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  3. I love the trousers. You're clearly not afraid of color ;)

    Ava Tallulah


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